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Watch out for zombies at our teen dance, The Craaaave! There WILL be some Thriller dancing (but not by me, so don’t worry!) #teenservices #teenspacenpl #summerreadingkickoff #libraries (at Riverwalk Park)

Fund #libraries! They give teens a brighter future by helping them succeed @ school & prep 4 careers #nlld14 http://thndr.it/1hAAM0y

These teens’ moms will sure be happy with their homemade gifts created during Mother’s Day Royal Treatment! Pins, ribbons, pencil holders, purses, a case for glasses, and a bouquet of flowers made out of duct tape (she’ll never have to water them)!! (at Naperville Public Library)

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LadyArwen: Happy National Librarians Day!

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(via slcolibrarians)

The Championship Round of the NPL YA Book March Madness Tournament is here! We’re down to the wire!

The 5th Wave vs Fangirl

Who will win it all and be declared this year’s champion? Voting closes at midnight tonight! Don’t let your favorite lose in the home stretch! The winner will be announced tomorrow!


Doge cannot believe how CLOSE the voting is in the Sweet 16 round of the NPL YA Book March Madness Tournament! This round closes at midnight on Saturday, March 15! 

Make sure your favorites move on to the Elite 8 (which will open on March 16!)

VOTE NOW! http://www.naperville-lib.org/teens/yamarchmadness

I was just a 17-year old kid from the Bronx with dreams of becoming a scientist, and somehow the world’s most famous astronomer found time to invite me to Ithaca in upstate NY and spend a Saturday with him.

I remember that snowy day like it was yesterday. He met me at the bus stop. He showed me his laboratory at Cornell University. Carl reached behind his desk, and inscribed this book (Cosmic Connection) for me:

For Neil Tyson,

With all good wisdom to a future astronomer.

- Carl Sagan

At the end of the day, he drove me back to the bus station. The snow was falling harder. He wrote his phone number, his home phone number, on a scrap of paper. And he said, “If the bus can’t get through, call me. Spend the night at my home, with my family.”

I already knew I wanted to become a scientist, but that afternoon I learned from Carl the kind of person I wanted to become. He reached out to me and to countless others. Inspiring so many of us to study, teach, and do science. Science is a co-operative enterprise, spanning the generations. It’s the passing of a torch from teacher to student to teacher. A community of minds reaching back from antiquity and forward to the stars.